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As mentioned in the Introduction and Tasks/Resources sections, the Process will entail researching a variety of structures and writing a report on a famous building. The report will include a labeled picture of the famous building that identifies geometric properties used in its design.

Next, you will independently create different shapes using wooden toothpicks and clay then analyze strength of each. Reinforcements can be added with justification.

Once independent work is complete, you will work cooperatively in a group to build a structure at least four inches tall and strong enough to hold a baseball. Building materials will include wooden toothpicks, clay, and glue. Document your process and present final construction to class. Demonstrate that it meets all project requirements.

Assign individual roles as outlined under Job Descriptions in Tasks and Resources. Research details associated with each role, and write a brief paper on findings. Apply when possible to group construction efforts.

Discuss presentation results with class. Refer to Examples of Discussion Questions in Conclusions. Review and reflect.

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Building Stronger Shapes
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