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Tasks and Resources

You will research pictures of a variety of buildings to examine the geometry found in construction. Save pictures in a Word document for future use.

Choose a famous building, and print a picture of it. Label geometric figures found in the building, and write a one page double-spaced report about it.

Refer to Suggested Links on Famous Buildings below for some ideas.

Some things you might include in your report could be location, date constructed, builder, and/or purpose. The report must include a description of the building supporting how geometry was used in the construction.

The visual aid will be your labeled picture of the selected famous building.

Once you independently explored buildings, you will work cooperatively in groups of three to create a structure that is at least four inches high and can support a baseball. Each person in the group will assume a specific role then work together to build and present the final product to the class.

Refer to the Job Descriptions attachment below for detail related to roles and associated tasks.

Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions

Suggested Links on Famous Buildings

London Bridge
Eiffel Tower
Taj Mahal
Empire State Building
The Parthenon
United States Capitol

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